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A traditional lice comb catches the lice but not the nits. This means that new lice always form in the hair, which eventually does not solve the problem. Because of the unique design of the Assy Lice and Nits Comb, the nits also get caught and because of the groves in the teeth, killed instantly. This makes the Assy Comb the best of its sort.

Unique spiral grooves in the teeth at the end with rounded tips

From the top to the bottom of the "teeth" are arranged spiral grooves so that the nits are damaged in several places and therefore killed instantly. The rounded tips have a perfect curve that prevents the scalp and hair to become irritated. There is the worldwide patent on this design.

Can be boiled for sterilisation

The surgical stainless steel, which is used to produce the Assy Lice and Nits Comb can be sterilized by pouring boiling water over it. This allows the whole family to use the comb without becoming infected. Risk The handle is made by a anti slip material, so that you can have a firm grip on the comb.

Perfect distance between the "teeth"

Nits are oval-shaped and between 0.5mm long and 0.3mm wide, their size enables them to firmly attach themselves to the root of your hair. This makes them very hard to remove. The space between each individual teeth is smaller than the smallest nit which means it is impossible for a nit to stay attached to the root.The length of the teeth makes the surface to comb ratio larger, which means it is effective for any type of hair. The hair can be combed without pulling out hairs.

Cheap and Easy, it requires no additional chemical solutions

The comb is made from durable materials and can be used life long. By cleaning the comb you ensure that it can be used by different people than just one family member. Because combing with the Assy Comb is enough to pick up the nits, you do not need any additional chemicals.

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