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A reaction from Mariska and Paul:
Thank you again for the delivery of the Assy Comb. We directly started using the comb and we can really see the difference from the other comb we used. We will make sure to promote this comb at our son's school in Castricum. With Kind Regards, Mariska and Paul

A comment from Linda Smith:
I just received the comb and I must say, what a fantastic way to get rid of lice and nits! My two children both had lice infection and I used the Assy Comb, in the hope they would disappear! They did and I would not want anything else. Thank You!

A reaction from Heidi in Eemnes:

Heidi Received the comb, Thank You. It works fine, the first comb I had, did not get the nits out of the hair, which was very frustrating. As you would have heard, there is a plague spreading in Eemnes right now, and I promoted your comb a lot. A lot of orders from Eemnes. haha. Heidi

A reaction from Mariska and Richard from Oudorp:

Mariska en Richard Sending this message to say that I am very happy. In the two weeks we had this comb a lice plague erupted and the Assy combed out lots of nits and lice. I will be showing this comb to the anti lice group at our school, so look out for lots of orders out of Oudorp. Regards, Mariska and Richard.
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