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XTLuis Question and Answer

What makes XTLuis® special?
XTLuis is an effective way to treat head lice which contains no pesticides. XTLuis ® works by suffocating the lice which does not give the lice any resistance possibilities. 

Can XTLuis® be used by the whole family?

Ja. Omdat de siliconen niet geabsorbeerd worden door onze huid, is XTLuis® met 4% dimeticon door het hele gezin te gebruiken. XTLuis ® kan ook worden gebruikt door mensen met een gevoelige huid en/of bij astmapatiënten. XTLuis ® is geschikt voor volwassenen en kinderen vanaf 6 maanden.Yes. Because the silicone is not absorbed by the human skin and because XTLuis ® only has 4% dimethicone, it makes it available to the whole family. Throughout the family XTLuis ® can also be used by people with sensitive skin and / or patients with asthma. XTLuis ® is suitable for adults and children over 6 months old.

Can XTLuis® be used in combination with coloured or bleached hair?
Yes. XTLuis contains dimethicone (4%) as active ingredient and cyclometicon (used in many shampoos and conditioners), therefore XTLuis ® can also be used by people with colored or bleached hair. It is not recommended that XTLuis ® is applied immediatly after the colouring of the hair as this might effect the colour.

Does XTLuis® have an annoying odor?
No. XTLuis is a clear and colorless lotion. XTLuis ® offers optimal convenience and is odorless.

Does XTLuis® Sting the Human Skin?
No. XTLuis® friendly for the human body and hair. More over XTLuis® does not get absorbed by the skin.


What about the eggs of the lice?
Het vrouwtje legt tussen de 3 en 5 eitjes per dag. Deze komen na 7 dagen uit. Daarom is het van belang dat de behandeling met XTLuis® na 7 dagen wordt herhaald. Dit is nodig om er zeker van te zijn dat luizen, die na behandeling eventueel uit de eitjes zijn gekomen, worden doodgemaakt.The female lays between 3 to 5 eggs per day. Therefore, it is of importance that the treatment with XTLuis ® is repeated after 7 days. This is necessary to ensure that lice, which after treatment may have emerged from the eggs are killed.

Do I have to comb out the lice?
No. That is not necessary. After the lotion or spray has withdrawn properly, it can be washed out with normal shampoo.  After this, Rinse thoroughly with water and dry the hair. The nits (empty shells) are glued to the hair, These nits can be removed by the use of our fingers or a fine comb.


Are lice Resistant?
No, the lice are not resistant against the spray as the special formula kills the lice.


How often can I use XTLuis®?
XTLuis ® can be used as often as desired. It is important that XTLuis ® is applied after 7 days once more to kill any lice, which have hatched from the eggs after the spray was last used.  If you do not repeat the treatment after 7 days you risk that the hair is again infested with lice!


How much do I need to Use?
The amount you need depends on the length of the hair. The hair should be wet sufficiently through the use of the lotion. Using the spray twice (100 ml), should be sufficient for a person with short hair.

Can louse Jump or Fly Around?
No. A louse can not jump, fly or swim. It can, however, move through hair. One can only get head lice from direct head to head contact. This is the main reason why louse is found in children's hair as they are always in close vicinity to each other. Lice only occurs in human hair and does not have a preference for dirty or clean hair.

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